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Datamax+ now with Wi-Fi 3G Failover

Wednesday, 31 July 2013 02:56
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The new Datamax+ has the added ability to automatically switch between using the 3G cellular towers and WiFi as its source of Internet connectivity.

This is ideal for use on a Yacht or Launch with access to WiFi at the marina, mooring, or jetty. The Datamax+ will seamlessly transfer its source of connectivity from one to the other so that the fixed-wire and WiFi devices on your boat will not notice the difference. Once the Datamax+ is configured as a WiFi slave to your on-shore WiFi network, each time you pull into dock the Datamax+ will swap between the higher-cost 3G network over to the shore-based connection.

The Datamax+ failover WiFi comes with the added benefit of acting as a WiFi repeater. This means that you only need one external antenna on deck connected to the Datamax+ to be able to retransmit the shore-based network connectivity throughout the boat. With the explosion in the number of WiFi connected devices on board these days, using the Datamax+ as a WiFi repeater also means that if you arrive at a new port, you leave your WiFi devices to slave to the Datamax+ and simply configure the Datamax+ as the slave to the shore-based WiFi. This is much simpler than having to reconfigure each and every one of your WiFi enabled tablets, security cameras, etc.

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