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The Maxon Australia support team has recently received a large number of enquiries about high data usage from Telstra. Bill shock is something that no one likes to we would like to provide some reasons for the data usage and also some things you can do.

What is happening?

Many customers have been experiencing high data usage on their modems. This usage is as high as 2GB in a 24 hour period. Customers have noticed this usage on their Telstra data logs have seen this usage recorded as chunks of 120MB (or 117MB) data, Telstra’s default data block record size.

Why is this happening?

All customers who have experienced high data usage are on the 'telstra.extranet' APN. This APN provides the 3G routers with a public dynamic IP address. Public IP addresses are useful if you need to access your 3G modem remotely, however these addresses are also susceptible to random hack attempts. This is the most plausible reason why the data rates have recently shot up.

How to fix this issue and/or remove the risk of this happening in the future?

Changing to a private IP address is the only sure way to remove the risk of random, sustained hack attempts. This means changing to either the ‘telstra.internet’ APN or using a private IP WAN service such as maXwan. All Maxon modems (except for the Datamax) can be configured via SMS, so if you need to change back to 'telstra.extranet' at any stage this can be easily done.

If you would like to find out more about Maxon’s private IP WAN service, maXwan, please visit, contact Maxon at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or on (02) 8707 3000.