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Friday, 21 March 2014 02:16


Maxon Australia specialises in custom solutions.

Whether it be a specific firmware tailored to suit your application or producing a hardware solution in a controlmax enclosure. We work closely with our customers to meet their specific needs.

Recently, one of our customers was approached by a water treatment company with a scenario whereby aggressive acid fumes were adversely affecting the performance of a modem out in the field. Maxon replaced the modem with the Intelimax serial modem. In order to replace the modem, certain enhancements and changes were necessary to make the Intelimax compatible with the data logging equipment being used. Within a month Maxon provided a new firmware specifically compatible with the equipment.

Another customer required a solution for their power meters. The current set up was unable to house the modem they were using. Maxon provided a compact IP Rated enclosure that housed the modem and power supply that could be discretely mounted providing access to specific connectivity options.

Maxon prides itself in developing its own modems; this allows us to accomodate our customers requirements including customisation. Our in house personnel are trained to tweak, change and develop the necessary changes to meet customers needs. T