Power Breakthrough

Sewerage Pump Control Solution

A government owned water business responsible for managing urban and rural water supply required a very significant sewerage pump control system to be installed. The system integrates a controller which allows sewerage to be pumped uphill. In order to access the pump controller remotely a communications device is installed at the site.

Maxons technical team worked alongside the client and were able to provide a cost effective modem - the Intelimax Lite; which conventionally has limited functionality.  However, Maxon provided additional support for AT Commands that were essential for full compatibility with the connection establishment process in the Multitrode controller which enabled seamless functionality.

Our client was very satisfied with the overall service  and cost savings that Maxon provided to ensure the application was achieved within the budget requirements.  

Aside from the many benefits that Maxon have provided for this client; our team has developed yet another customized solution for an off the shelf product that has now become available for many other customers. A highlight of the adaptability and flexibility of our product range.