DATAMAX 4G MA100-1010-4G
DATAMAX 4G MA100-1010-4GDATAMAX 4G MA100-1010-4G

Featuring wide ranging connectivity & intelligent track and control - the Datamax4G Ethernet router with RS232, WIFI & GPS functionality is the right choice for your M2M application.

Encased in a robust metal casing, the powerful 4G router has diverse connectivity options including RS232, Wi-Fi & GPS to manage your M2M applications over high data speeds. The Wi-Fi connectivity gives this router local wireless capabilities creating an effective industrial hotspot.

Failover between 4G, and fixed-wire WAN or Wi-Fi, makes configuring redundant links easy.

Advance these benefits further, with tracking available via its GPS feature, for an all-rounded & intelligent M2M router.

Extra Features
  • Rugged and robust form factor
  • Inbuilt Wi-Fi Transceiver
  • Incorporates GPS functionality
  • 4x Ethernet Ports
  • Web-based management
  • Supports VPN server / client (PPTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, IPSEC, GRE)
  • Supports DHCP server / client, firewall, NAT DMZ Host, URL Filtering, QOS, Traffic statistics, Realtime link statistics
  • Supports RS232 or RS484/RS422
  • Wide ranging input power
  • Supports DDNS
  • Supports TCP/IP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP*, HTTP, POP3* QICQ*, TELNET, FTP*, SNMP etc *optional
  • Auto recovery including online/offline detect and auto redial
  • Supports Firmware over the Air (FOTA) functionality