Intelimax+ 4G MA-2020-4G
Intelimax+ 4G  MA-2020-4GIntelimax+ 4G MA-2020-4G
ConnectivitySERIAL USB for programming

The Intelimax+4G is a 4G serial modem designed in Australia for remote monitoring applications, as well as data collection and controlling the flow of data between devices and control equipment.
The Intelimax+4G is engineered specially to withstand Australia’s vast climate and environmental conditions. Employing an ARM processor, with batter-backed RTC, the Intelimax+4G has a full feature set. This includes extensive event recording, connection management, fault recovery, security features, and remote firmware upgradability. All of which assist in creating a highly reliable communications gateway. Enhanced capabilities also include remote AT Commands, SNMPv3, SSH, Telnet, remote management, on-board IP stack and FT. This multi-purpose device mounts perfectly in control boxes and alongside other equipment. The Intelimax+4G is suitable for 4G LTE networks and provides a comprehensive range of features that will suit your telemetry requirements

Extra Features

• FDD-LTE CAT1, supports Band 28
• RS232/RS485 Interface (RJ45 Connector)
• Supports Packet and Circuit Data, 2 way SMS
• Supports Modem Emulation & AT over IP
• Inbuilt FTP client & PPP server
• Remote configurable and FOTA
• Wide input voltage range (7.5-48VDC)
• Windows GUI for fast configuration and updates
• FDD-LTE CAT1 / HSPA+ Module
• External SMA Female antenna
• USB 2.0 connection, RS232 or RS485 (RJ45) (software configurable)
• Packet switched data
• CSD Modem Emulation Function
• Circuit Switch Data (Network Dependent)
• 2 way SMS Supports MaXconnect device management portal
• Remote SMS diagnostics
• Remote SSH and Telnet management
• Remote AT command configurable
• Remote / local user interface
• Extended AT command set
• Supports DDNS
• Supports TCP/IP, UDP/IP Stack
• Supports Firmware over the AIR (FOTA)
• Inbuilt FTP Client
• Auto recovery including detect and auto redial
• Inbuilt carrier detection watchdog
• Inbuilt periodic reset
• Inbuilt WAN Scheduler
• Diagnostic monitoring (Syslog)
• Backup configuration file (.dat)
• External DC power