SD 125E Series
SD 125E Series                                     SD 125E Series

Maxon's RF Link Modules allow radio frequency signals to be used for the control and monitoring of remote sites and much more. Installing the (optional) Maxon CTCSS Encoder / Decoder (SD-010) for the SD-125 Series Increases privacy during audio applications and operates on all 38 EIA standard CTCSS tones

SD125E Models available;

SD-125E V2 (148-174MHz)

SD-125E U1 (400-430MHz)

SD-125E U2 (440-470MHz)

SD-125E U3 (470-490MHz)

Extra Features
  • Available 1 VHF (V2) and 3 UHF (U1, U2 &U3) Bands
  • 16 Channels (Dip Switch Select)
  • 5/1 Watt Tx Power Out
  • 12.5/25 kHz Channel Bandwidth
  • Tx Time Out Timer
  • DE-9 Male RS-232 Connector
  • Carrier Detect, Busy Channel Lockout