SD 170E Series
SD 170E Series                                     SD 170E Series

The  SD-170 Series of RF wireless modems from Maxon utilise the latest technology in its design and manufacturing. Both the UHF and VHF models are Phase Lock Loop Synthesizer (PLL) / microprocessor controlled and offer one to five watts (SD-170E Series) of power with 16-channel capability. Multiple functions including 1200 to 9600 baud rates, AC and/or DC audio coupling, GMSK, FFSK and FSK modulation are standard in these fully programmable wide bandwidth RF wireless modem units. Programmable sub-audio squelch system (CTCSS & DCS) and two-tone squelch system are newly added to the signal level detect squelch system (RSSI). GPS Data handling is provided to interface and control internal GPS receiver.

The Maxon SD-170E Series RF data radio delivers reliable 2 way communications and remote control for a variety of application needs.

SD-170E Models available;

SD-171E V (148-174MHz) (1 to 5 Watts)

Extra Features
  • SD-170E Series:1-5 Watts RF TX Power
  • CTCSS/DCS tone signaling
  • 2-tone decode
  • 16 Channel
  • Scan
  • Time-out timer
  • Courtesy Beep