maXcloud is the corporate umbrella that integrates Maxon Australia’s range of network services; maXwan, maXvpn and maXconnect.


Our maXcloud services enhances the efficiency of the telemetry and M2M applications you currently supply your customers, by offering additional services and data capabilities made available by taking full advantage of the comprehensive network features offered by maXcloud.maXcloud is a bundle offering that grew from a demand for static IP addresses. maXcloud offers flexibility and scalability; small to medium size businesses no longer need to outlay $1000’s in computer resources and software applications and there's no long term commitment. maXcloud allows you access to a reliable service offering rapid deployment, enterprise level security and quick response times; delivering streamlined management of your services.

maXcloud includes maXwan, maXvpn, maXconnect and we have recently added maXvpn Site-to-Site to our range of services.

See how it works over a range of applications (click on image to enlarge)